War Thunder: First Global E-Sports Tournament – Gladiators.Wt 4x4

Developer and publisher Gaijin Entertainment announced today that an official international championship called Gladiators.WT 4x4 is taking place in War Thunder. With more than $28,000 USD in prize fund at stake, the e-sports tournament will run until the end of March 2014. In addition to in-game prizes, winners will get powerful gaming laptops, video cards and tablets. The official hardware partner of the tournament is MSI.



Gladiators is a special set of rules well known among virtual pilots, and through trial we have perfected the tournament and optimized it, so that it is best suited for flight simulators,” saidGaijin Entertainment’s Creative Director Kirill Yudintsev. “The Gladiators.WT 4x4 iteration marks the first time that fans can watch the tournament live, making it a true e-sport experience. We’re looking forward to seeing which squad will be crowned a War Thunder champion.”


To become the champion in Gladiators.WT 4x4, the 310 teams, comprised of more than 1,800 pilots representing more than 30 countries, will battle for aerial supremacy over the course of several weeks.


The qualifying rounds will narrow the participating teams from 310 to 32, at which point a playoff will commence to determine the true champion. The championship is split into two divisions dedicated to Realistic and Simulation battles, and teamwork is crucial for winning the matches. This is why every member of champion team in both divisions (12 players in total) will get a powerful gaming laptop from MSI, along with some in-game prizes. The teams that will come second and third in each division will also get valuable prizes.


·         For official rules and regulations, please visit: http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/99470-gladiatorswt-4x4-2014-regulations/

·         To follow along as well as watch the live-streams of the selected battles please visit: http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/forum/153-tournaments/

About MSI

«Since its founding in 1986 in Taiwan, MSI’s two guiding principles have been innovations and style. The result are products characterized by incredibly high performance, reliability and ease of use as well as a unique visual design. MSI is one of the three world leaders in motherboards and video cards due to their exceptional quality and record-breaking power, and its gaming series of laptops has earned world-wide recognition among all groups of consumers from regular users to professional gamers. Diligent work has made our brand one of the leading and most recognizable ones in the IT-industry. MSI’s products are available in over 120 countries: 150 million consumers worldwide use our motherboards and another 100 million use our graphics cards. Our products earn multiple awards from the media annually. MSI intends to maintain its position of one of the leading innovators on the world electronics market and continues to suit the demands of overclocking enthusiasts, gamers and other types of consumers. You can find additional information on our website: http://www.msi.com/

 19 February 2014

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