PlayStation®4 players will join the heated battles of WAR THUNDER: Ground Forces next week

Gaijin Entertainent announces that American PlayStation®4 players will soon enter the battles of War Thunder. The game is finally coming out in North America on June 3rd and it includes Ground Forces expansion from the start. 


European, Australian, New Zelandian and Russian PlayStation®4 players will be able join them in tank battles on June 5th. And, of course, all of the other exciting features found in the latest 1.41 version of the game – 350 different planes, squadron battles, 150 different multiplayer missions will also be available on PlayStation®4 next week.


Soon after the major update for PlayStation®4 version PS®4 players will face PC foes in cross platform play. War Thunder on the PS4 will also provide players with improved head-tracking system using PlayStation®Camera and exclusive content.


 31 May 2014

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