CRSED: F.O.A.D. shooter got “Fangs”

Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software announce the release of the “Fangs” Content Update for the brutal online shooter CRSED: F.O.A.D. It brings a new Champion,the vampire Bram van Helsing, as well as new mystical rituals, weapons, cool costumes, a myriad of cosmetic items and a deadly aspen stake. 

Bram van Helsing is a wealthy Dutch nobleman, a hematophagous occultist that practiced so-called "unity ceremonies" with his minions. Activists wrote statements to the police every day with requests to stop the "debauchery" going on but failed to achieve anything. At some point Bram’s compulsive desire to drink blood had begun to lead to sleep problems and ultimately made him go to a Rehab center for treatment. There he met another patient who told him rumors about the F.O.A.D. murder games, a perfect event to satisfy a vampire’s thirst.
The "Flock of bats" ability allows Bram to levitate and move quickly in bat form. While in this state, a Champion gets "vampirism" status and 50% of the damage done to the enemy is returned in the form of health, while his transformation into a flock of bats allows him to move at high speed. Damage to the Champion is reduced by 50%, and during the "Sun Eclipse" ritual by 70%. On the other hand, the "Killing Sun" ritual is quite bad for a vampire’s health.  There is also a new kind of gravestone called  "Coffin of the Undead" available to players. After destroying it, a greedy enemy will be attacked by a ruthless Zombie.

The update not only brings new content, but also allows PlayStation and Xbox players to play together in the same sessions, as well as join cross-platform squads and communicate with each other.

 02 December 2021

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