A brave new post-apocalyptic Crossout is here

Gaijin Entertainment announces the release of the Supercharged update for the online action game Crossout. Updated to version 2.0, the Targem Engine radically improves how the furious battles of post-apocalyptic armored vehicles look on all platforms, while new controls, sound, camera and interface make the game more comfortable and immersive. The PC version of Crossout also received support for NVIDIA DLSS 2 technology, which allows the game to achieve high-definition images and high frame rates at the same time. The battles in Crossout have also become even more diverse thanks to the new PvP map, new car parts for crafting post-apocalyptic armored vehicles, and the Witch Hunt limited-time mode.

Global illumination, contact shadows (SSC), local reflections in screen space (SSLR) - these are just some of the technologies that came to Crossout with the transition to Targem Engine 2.0. You can evaluate the contribution of each of them to the new look of Crossout using the trailer https://youtu.be/ipcmB0Ahf_g. At the same time, new and redesigned effects - such as Motion Blur, Lens Flare, Bloom and updated post-processing - can be customized by the player at their discretion.

“In the Supercharged update, we not only made Crossout more technologically advanced, but also significantly redesigned the visual style, controls and gameplay. To make it easier for experienced Wasteland warriors to get acquainted with the new Crossout, many features - like the operation of the camera or the new hovercraft control scheme - can be customized to provide you with the most comfortable gaming experience, ” says Stanislav Skorb, head of the Crossout development team.

Designing new armored vehicles is no less important part of Crossout than destroying enemy machines of war. With the release of the Supercharged update, the best crafting masters will get even more glory that they deserve. The in-game blueprint exhibition has received new functionality: you can subscribe to players and receive notifications about their new works, and the most popular ones are listed in the ranking board. The update also changes the game so that a player will feel their armored vehicle and its behavior on the track better. For example, when you move off, the camera reacts to an impulse and moves to the rear of the vehicle for a while. Using brakes makes it move to the front for a while, and when turning, it barely noticeably shifts in the opposite direction from the direction of rotation. Many of these little things add up to the “feeling of speed”, which is so important in vehicle-focused games.

A new map called "Quarry" is a zone in which white marble was mined and processed. Many years have passed since the disaster that destroyed the civilization that we know, but the rusty special equipment has remained to die between the ruins of industrial buildings. In terms of height, the Quarry is divided into two main levels: the upper one forms firing positions for long-range vehicles, and the lower one is a real paradise for lovers of close combat and stealth attack masters. The Supercharged update also updated other Crossout maps with the new mechanics of changing the topology of maps by blowing up large objects.

 28 October 2022

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