Kings of Battle will demonstrate their power in War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment is pleased to announce that the online military action game War Thunder will introduce the Kings of Battle major content update in the coming weeks. The M109 self-propelled howitzer will be added to the ground vehicles line-up of several countries at once, while China will field their own alternative, the PLZ-83 SPG. Fans of aviation will get access to the iconic F-111 tactical bomber and Japanese ground vehicles will now get air cover from the modern TAN-SAM-1C SAM system. War Thunder naval battles will feature two legendary battleships: HMS Iron Duke and IJN Yamashiro. The update will also add dozens of other new combat vehicles, new maps and gameplay features.

The American M109 SPGs have been produced since the early sixties. They participated in all U.S. ground military operations, are still in service with dozens of countries and are actively used in various modern conflicts. Artillery is often called "the king of battle", which perfectly reflects the role of this class of equipment on the battlefield.  

The new update will feature several modifications of the M109: Germany and Italy will receive the M109G with smoke grenade launchers, Israel will get the basic M109, and the USA and Britain will get the M109A1 with an extended barrel. All M109 variants are united by a single projectile - a powerful 155mm high explosive shell weighing more than 43 kg. Such a charge is enough to instantly blow away any lightly armored vehicle, and if it hits a weakly protected part of a vehicle, any tank will be in trouble. 

The F-111 is an American long-range tactical bomber, which entered service in the late sixties. It was the world's first mass-produced aircraft, on which the variable sweep wing and turbojet twin-circuit engines with afterburners were introduced. The machine took part in the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm and was used by the Australian Air Force until 2010.

Fans of the Bluewater Navy can already pre-order two new premium ships. The superdreadnought Iron Duke was the flagship of the British Grand Fleet in the epic Battle of Jutland. The Japanese battleship Yamashiro received fame during its last stand at Surigao Strait where she fought alone against six American ships of the same class.

More details about the content of the Kings of Battle update can be found in the development blogs on the official War Thunder website.

 23 October 2023

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