Modern Warships finally made it to PC

Gaijin Entertainment and Artstorm studio are pleased to announce that the open beta testing of the PC version of Modern Warships has already started. The game's official website has been launched, and the Gaijin.Net store has started selling unique premium pioneer kits for players who will join Modern Warships' large-scale naval battles at the very start of the OBT.

Modern Warships is an arcade online action game that lets the players experience authentic-looking modern naval battles. Reconnaissance planes rush forward to detect the enemy from afar, cruisers launch volleys of guided missiles and try to overwhelm enemy missile defense systems, submarines cautiously sneak up on surface ships, and jet fighters provide air cover for the allied fleet.

Modern Warships is a cross-platform game, so users on PC, iOS and Android versions will be able to play together.

“Mobile Modern Warships players will be able to use their existing Artstorm account to log in to the PC version while retaining their progress, while users of other Gaijin Entertainment games will be able to log in to the new game using their familiar Gaijin.Net account”, - explains Pavel Shestakov, the lead developer of the PC version.

Modern Warships features hundreds of vehicles and weapon systems: destroyers, cruisers, battleships, aircraft carriers, jet fighters, strike aircraft, bombers, helicopters, drones and submarines, as well as guns, torpedo launchers, missile launchers, missile and air defense systems. All of which are based on existing and future military hardware, prototypes and modernization concept projects. Almost all vehicles in the game can be researched and unlocked for free, plus players can additionally purchase some rare models and cosmetic items.

To celebrate the launch of the OBT, four unique packs are temporarily available in the Gaijin.Net store from now until the end of September: concepts of advanced missile destroyers from China ("CN DDG-203 Kylin"), Russia ("Project 2145") and France (FS Swordship) and a real monster called JS Yamato Aegis - a modernization concept of the legendary Japanese battleship with the installation of modern air defense systems and hypersonic missiles. Each ship comes with a limited edition captain portrait, available only at the start of the OBT, along with a themed skin.

You can read more about Modern Warships and download the game client on the official website.

 06 October 2023

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