Pirates on the Age of Water post-apocalyptic seas are ready for adventure

Gaijin Entertainment and Three Whales studio announce that the new online adventure game Age of Water will be available for purchase in Q1 2024 on Steam. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic water world where all land has been flooded after a global catastrophe. The price and exact release date will be announced later on the official website of the project, and players are welcome to add Age of Water to their Steam wishlist to get all updates in time. 

The Age of Water protagonist travels on a battle boat between scarce settlements of survivors, fights with pirates, extracts artifacts of the lost civilization from the bottom of the sea, transports valuable goods, performs faction tasks, finds new friends and uncovers the secrets of the exciting water world. The player can either follow the story or explore the world independently at their own pace – for example, trade between settlements, board other people's boats, fight other captains in PvP battles, build their own base.

"We warmly thank the participants of the alpha and beta tests that helped us immensely to move forward with the game," says Yuri Miroshnikov, the game's producer. - It was very important for us to create an atmosphere of an exciting sea adventure, in which the player feels like the main character of a wonderful story".

The game will be sold as an Early Access title and will be improved even further based on user feedback, nevertheless this version will allow the players to complete the whole Age of Water story from day one and with no additional cost. Closed Beta participants who purchased one of the Summer 2023 CBT access bundles will receive a similarly priced edition of Age of Water for free on Steam.

Age of Water is a game developed as a part of Gaijin's inCubator program that was created by Gaijin Entertainment to support new and promising game development studios.

More information about the game can be found on the official Age of Water website.

 19 December 2023

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