The Road to Singularity opens in Crossout

Gaijin Entertainment announces the release of the "Road to Singularity" update for the post-apocalyptic online action game Crossout. New vehicle parts of the Children of the Dawn faction - including secret prototypes designed by Waderkvarn Corporation - will allow players to build even more impressive armored vehicles, and battles will unfold on the new PvP location "Orbital Station". In addition, the update redesigned the damage mechanics and introduced a new armored vehicle build interface.

The new season "Road to Singularity" will run until October 11 and will offer dozens of rewards - such as mechanical legs "Gerrida I" (reduces the spread of weapons when moving), the engine "Pegasus" (optimal for walkers with high power consumption) and a new relic - rocket launcher "RU-9 Helicon" (creates a volley of three missiles, each of which has its own unique effect). Especially dangerous is the contact weapon "Charybdis". When approaching the enemy from the rear, this saw releases blades that widen the area of contact. Also the "Thierce I" railgun and the "Kronos" cabin introduce a new mechanic into the game: to restore their special abilities you need to be near the remains of other armored vehicles. The more of them, the faster the process goes. 

The new location "Orbital Station" is all about sand, rocks, an oasis with palm trees and the wreckage of the space station at the bottom of the shallow sea. This site once belonged to the Waderkvarn Corporation and may still contain their databases, so there is a real war on the crash site. At the beginning of the battle, players can either dash into the center to fight for control of the station, or try one of the flanking routes where the monstrous Ravagers' machines are burning down.

Finally, with the release of the update, guns in Crossout have a new metric - penetration. The higher it is, the more the projectile will be able to go deep into the target's structure, damaging more parts on the way. This adds even more variety to the process of constructing vehicles and makes the game even more realistic.

You can read more about the changes in the game on the official Crossout website.

 16 June 2023

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