The War Thunder modern military vehicles soundtrack is now available on streaming platforms

Gaijin Entertainment announces that two albums featuring the new War Thunder soundtrack are now available on all popular streaming platforms. These albums include 20 tracks added to the game in the Apex Predators update that serve as background music when Cold War-era or  modern ground and air military vehicles clash in the game. 

The War Thunder Original Game Soundtrack Air Forces Vol. 2 and War Thunder Original Game Soundtrack Ground Forces Vol. 2 are over an hour and a half in total, and are available on dozens of platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and others, as well as on YouTube. A similar new naval combat soundtrack and other projects are also in the works at Gaijin. 

The first volumes of albums featuring the original music from War Thunder meant for World War II-era ground, air and naval battles, are also available on the same streaming services and YouTube.

 17 April 2023

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