Gaijin Entertainment has released the full original War Thunder soundtrack to fans.
13 January 2015
Steel Generals (Update 1.45) Introduces More Vehicles, Maps, Features; Steel Generals expansion Enters Closed Beta
16 December 2014
Gaijin Entertainment announced today that the award winning F2P cross platform WWII MMO game War Thunder is now available for Linux users.
07 November 2014
War Thunder Update 1.43 Includes New Aircraft and Tanks, Revenue Sharing for UGC, New Maps, Death-Cam, New Gameplay Modes and Much More
11 October 2014
Gaijin Entertainment and FPT Join Forces to Answer the Call from Gamers in Vietnam
25 September 2014
Players Can Participate in the Launch Event For the Next Week to Win Valuable In-Game Rewards
04 September 2014
Gaijin Entertainment Developers Adopting Virtual Reality As The True Next Generation Platform
14 August 2014
War Thunder to allow players to earn from approved user generated designs for War Thunder combat vehicles and other War Thunder content they create
09 August 2014
Visit the ‘War Thunder’ Booth to Check out Intense WWII Combat Action and/or the New Invasion Mode in ‘Star Conflict’
05 August 2014
Enabling SHIELD Tablet Users to Play Against PC, PlayStation 4, Mac and Linux Players, Gaijin Entertainment Continues Its Commitment to Supporting New Technologies, Bringing War Thunder To More Players Around the World – On the Go or at Home on the Couch
24 July 2014
War Thunder at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014
07 June 2014
War Thunder’s PlayStation 4 Launch in America followed by a massive update in Europe adds cross-platform multiplayer and new game modes with armored vehicles.
06 June 2014