Gaijin Entertainment is announcing that Dance Magic - a new, high-energy motion game for PlayStation 3 - is on the verge of release. Starting January 8, North American players will be able to buy Dance Magic from the PlayStation Network.
03 January 2013
Gaijin Entertainment wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
24 December 2012
Gaijin Entertainment, an independent PS3, Xbox 360 and iOS game developer, is announcing special Thanksgiving deals on the App Store. Running between November 20 through 25, these limited time offers give real-time strategy fans an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy Fantasy Conflict for free, with prices slashed on the smash hit Modern Conflict 2.
21 November 2012
After the release of magical strategy Fantasy Conflict we received a lot of feedback from well-known game editors. We’re glad to share with you the most interesting comments.
05 November 2012
Gaijin Entertainment, an award-winning publisher of multiplatform video games, has released Fantasy Conflict for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Fantasy Conflict combines the addictive real-time strategy gameplay Gaijin and Spellbox Studios introduced in their iOS hit Modern Conflict with a medieval setting and humorous fantasy storyline.
03 October 2012
and Most Compelling Reason to Hope We Don't Find Ancient Treasure on Mars
20 August 2012
Today we start the Global beta of our combat MMO game – a massive testing program that will give players from Europe, America and Africa the opportunity to join the never-ending battles in the skies of War Thunder.
13 August 2012
Engines ready! Star Conflict has begun a new era of space battles for undiscovered treasures, mighty technologies, and intergalactic glory.
24 July 2012
Only till 23rd of July YUPLAY gives you a chanse to buy Wings of Prey and Wings of Luftwaffe with a 90% discount and Apache Air Assault with 90% discount!
13 July 2012
Special offer - only till 23rd of July you can buy Blades of Time, Blades of Time Limited Edition with 75% discount, and add-on Dismal Swamp with 50% discount.
13 July 2012
We are proud to reveal new important information about War Thunder combat MMO game, including details about its gameplay modes, background on the game’s business model, and the intermediate results of the closed beta testing.
02 July 2012
We go on with sharing with you new exciting details about the in-game factions which are Empire, Federation of the Free Planets and Jericho.
02 July 2012